Five Fab Friday – (5 things I’m grateful for)


  1. That nobody really cares that its not Friday
  2. Elmer’s glue. This puddle of white goo gave me endless hours as a child. Although I never stepped out of my comfort zone to actually eat it as some of my contemporaries were fond of doing at the time I did love lathering it on the palm of my hand, waiting for it to dry, and then peeling it off like an extra layer of skin. We use to collect these pre-body-snatcher creations in our pencil boxes. And yes, as an adult in retrospect I do find this gross. But at the time . . . J
  3. Silly putty and Sunday comics. Pressing down that pink creation and pulling up a mirror image of Garfield. Good times. Good times.
  4. Red toenail polish. This was an acquired taste I must admit. I’ve always grossed out by toes in general (in my opinion they are hideous add-ons). To date I’m slightly queasy but I can walk beside a friend or neighbor in sandals and resist the urge to find a fireman’s axe to remedy the creation.
  5. Bling-bling. I love my bling-bling and living in Houston Texas allows me to fit right in. We love our bling from rhinestones on flip-flops to shiny dresses at a Jeans and Jewels gala event.
  6. I love being able to do whatever I want as an adult, including ignoring the “five” rule in my own title.

A few of my favorite things . . . gratitude

weeping willows
wheat fields
sound of a sprinkler
smell of a freshly cut lawn
the feel of Bryant’s arm pulling me close when I first crawl into bed
first cuddle of 1st snooze alarm in morning
Elisabeth’s laughter
Rachel’s blue eyes
Dad’s blue eyes
Mom’s soft warm cheek of her last hug
first news that I had a son–“It’s a boy!”
hearing the Lord’s voice for the 1st time
the sound of the dishwasher as I throw the dishrag into an empty sink
the sound sunshine makes on the carpet of an empty room
leaves rustling in the wind
running on an abandoned road in Idaho
miles and miles of wheat fields, stalks bending in the Idaho breeze
the smell of sunshine in my children’s hair
hearing “you are a good writer!”
a smooth, blank page
Sara snuggling next to me on the couch
laughing with my best friend
the sound of the ocean
Joseph laughing at my lame jokes

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