Published Articles

Click on the links to read my published articles. Enjoy!

My favorite article to write:

June 5, 2012 How to get your man interested in Emergency Prep: it all comes down to the Zombies.

Interfaith Houston

This is an interfaith blog with contributing women writers from several faiths.

June 17, 2013 Freedom verses free exercise of Religion (Part I)

May 30, 2013 Dispelling Mormon Myths Part II

April 29, 2013 Dispelling Mormon Myths Part I

March 24, 2013 Music — the Composition of Faith

Feb 13, 2013 The Highest Kind of Love

Jan 16, 2013 Take it with a grain of salt

FamilyShare Site

You can click onto my author’s page  and read any of my most recent articles. Here are a couple of links to get started.

May 20, 2013 Gaining a Happier Marriage through Humility and Forgiveness

May 14, 2013 Understanding the Divine Role of Women

Deseret News and

Jan. 19, 2012 How a seminary teacher taught me the gospel was more than just doctrine, it was love

Jan. 19, 2012 How to Forgive: a step by step process, part 2

Jan. 18, 2012 How to Forgive:  A step by step process, part 1

Nov. 22, 2011 Why I give thanks: grateful for a simple Angolan driver

Oct. 29, 2011 Mormon deaf branch finds way to serve

Sept. 27, 2011 Watching General Conference made Angola feel like home

May 24, 2011 Helping Hands in Brussels

Rendez-vous — a quarterly periodical from the American Women’s Club of Belgium

Duke’s Up

Thou Shalt Not Shake Thy Bootie on my Porch

The Naked Truth

Camels are Not Just for Smoking

The Universe Has My Number

Universo Articles–a quarterly publication whose main objective is to provide news, features and information about both Sonangol and Angola.

Noah’s Ark in the Park (pg. 24)

Turning the Tide for Turtles (pg. 35)

Angola’s Gentle Giants (Pg. 38)

A Place to Learn (Pg. 50)

Old African Blog


4 thoughts on “Published Articles

  1. Hay, are you alright? I haven’t seen any thing from you in long time and was missing you. I like to read your story’s. I wish you well, hope your doing fine.

    1. Ross!!

      Thanks for the kick in the pants! I have been writing and publishing other articles but have not updated my blog. I do have a fantastic entry coming up and need to employ the BIC method again (Butt In Chair) and get it on the website. Been busy with other writing but have been thinking a lot about my blog.

      Its great to have a reader who is interested! Stay tuned and I will dedicate the next entry to you!!

      In the meantime you can read the last two posts I submitted to an Interfaith Blog I’ve been part of:

      The second should be published in the next week.

      Look me up on, I have several articles there (need to update my blog!!) Most are informational articles, a couple are humorous.

      Thanks again for checking in. I’ll get write on the blog . . .

  2. Regrets, I have my share, But I’m a guy, so what can I say. I for got where I put the kitchen tool when I put things away [not where it goes] Leaving rapers off of the package on the counter and my wife finds it. Not keeping the shed organized better so I can tell some one where any thing is. Not knowing how to use face book or any of the stuff like that. I don’t know If I got signed up by one of my kids. If I have any one trying to talk to me, I sorry, I am grateful that people forgive me and that I’m cared about. I must be loved. Thank you for sending your emails to me. You make me smile.

    1. Thanks Ross! Ya gotta love the next generation. I’m on Facebook quite a bit and one time I made a disparaging remark on my daughter’s timeline about her choice in music (it was rap and I HATE rap). She texted me 5 minutes later and told me I was so embarrassing! I could only laugh.

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