Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, said the following: “Genes are really important to happiness, but that’s based upon the cult of the average. What that means is that the average person doesn’t fight their genes. So if you’re born with genes for obesity or for pessimism, and you don’t change your behavior thanContinue reading “Happiness”

Just a shotglass of Nyquil

Forgiveness can be tricky business for some. “Let it go.” “Put it behind you.” “Forgive and forget!” I’ve come to realize that forgiveness is nothing less than power. It’s taking control and not allowing an event to determine how we think, feel, act or even how we will treat another human being. It is relinquishmentContinue reading “Just a shotglass of Nyquil”

A few of my favorite things . . . gratitude

weeping willows wheat fields sound of a sprinkler smell of a freshly cut lawn the feel of Bryant’s arm pulling me close when I first crawl into bed first cuddle of 1st snooze alarm in morning Elisabeth’s laughter Rachel’s blue eyes Dad’s blue eyes Mom’s soft warm cheek of her last hug first news thatContinue reading “A few of my favorite things . . . gratitude”

Thou shalt not shake thy bootie on my porch

When I was a growing up I had a wee bit more energy than most. The term we would use today would be ADHD. Back then, the less politically correct but probably more accurate label was “Spawn of Satan.” Let’s face it, the sixth child of seven was not going to get a lot ofContinue reading “Thou shalt not shake thy bootie on my porch”