Adam and Eve together as a temple unto God

Ever wonder why Eve was made with a “rib” from Adam? What if it was poorly translated and with a better translation their creation and union become much deeper and more powerful? Check out my new post on Medium. Never miss another post! My newest book, “We are ‘adam: the Partnership of Adam and EveContinue reading “Adam and Eve together as a temple unto God”

Joy with the one who knows you best

We can all arrive in the place that we are happy in our own skin, to know that rather than “trying to bob and weave what life throws at us, [we have] the comfort of knowing that [we] can take life’s best shot and be able to get back up and move forward.”

Memorial Day: Soldiers bring home more than their uniforms

I don’t think anyone has any idea the effect of what serving in the military or in war has on a person and his/her family. It’s something that one never “gets over.” My father served as a foot soldier in WWII, fought at the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes. He never shared anyContinue reading “Memorial Day: Soldiers bring home more than their uniforms”

Why did Eve not need a “help meet?”

As a woman there has always been a question in the back of my mind: why was Eve/woman created? Was she only created to help Adam? Was she not created in her own right? Was Adam not needed as a “help meet” for her? Was she here only to help Adam/man to succeed?  (I pictureContinue reading “Why did Eve not need a “help meet?””

What I’m watching . . .

Best. Mystery. Ever! Enter a gifted criminal psychologist. Insert a journalist sister who is the only normal in the family. Add a dash of a manipulative mother. Round it out with a serial killer dad in maximum security prison who only wants a relationship with his son. Stir in some great actors, superb writing withContinue reading “What I’m watching . . .”