You are what you love, not what people think of you

Published by Ramona Siddoway

Ramona Siddoway is a nonfiction and cozy mystery writer who specializes in snark. Known as a hippy conservative she loves Renaissance Festivals, supporting veterans, crocheting, gardening, homesteading, her hubby, 8 chickens, 2 dogs, and 1 calico cat. (Not necessarily in that order.)

2 thoughts on “You are what you love, not what people think of you

  1. Interesting perspective. There is some truth in what he says. However, other people’s observations of you can be objective analysis of what you have become while you were just doing what you loved. Hitler may have been doing what he loved, but he should have listened to more people about what he was turning into and what he was doing. Listening to other people can help us shape and bridle what we love so it does not do damage to others or conversely so we can enhance our direction when it is helping others.

    1. I hear what you are saying; however, caution — and a thick skin — are must haves. Usually those people who are trying to “help you change” are very reluctant to listen to suggested changes they need to make in their own lives. As a writer I have been involved in a great many critique circles and at the end of the day it is the writer that must decide what and if any changes are to be made. I’ve had several critiques on a single piece and not two that match. Seasoned writers realize that the lens of that critiquer must be taken into account; it is that person’s view of things. Who was Hitler supposed to listen to? In his view he listened to those people and made the changes he felt were best — for world domination that is! I’ve discovered that even when I try to change — based on the opinions of people who in reality didn’t really care for me — those people are rarely satisfied, nor recognized the change, nor even really cared about the change. When we look at someone and think they need “improving” it is psychologically based upon our inner and private view of the shortcomings that are within ourselves. It is called “projecting”. In other words, it is not them, it is us.
      This post was mostly about getting off the hamster wheel of constantly trying to please others. We look to God and the partnership with Him that we should all be striving for.
      Thanks for the comment!! Love you Bro!

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