I just published an essay–“Duke’s Up“–in the current edition of the Rendez-Vous, the magazine for the American Women’s Club of Belgium. As it focused on bullies and one way of handling them I received a humorous story from friend about how she handled bullies on two separate occasions in her homeland of South Africa. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! If you have any stories of how you successfully handled a bully please feel free to send it in and I’ll post the best ones! *(Be sure to read my essay as well!)

Enjoy!   Olivia writes:


“I enjoyed your bit about the bully and it made me remember an incident or two. Some kid was sitting in front of me in the school bus and kept turning around and pestering me. My brother was sitting not too far from me and I tried to ignore this kid because I was thinking two things: my brother was going to help me out and/or if I did anything nasty to this child he would tell my mother and I would be in trouble. So nothing happened-and my brother of course didn’t tell the kid to buzz off-so when I couldn’t stand it anymore, (I was sitting in a very ladylike manner), I just lifted my foot and stuck my shoe in his mouth. (I think the sole was loose and dusty.) He was so shocked he didn’t say another word and turned around and stayed that way for the rest of the trip. When we got off the bus I thought my brother was going to be mad at me but all he said was: ‘I don’t know why you waited so long to do that!’


The other incident I was reminded of a couple of years ago at my 20-year high school reunion. Three of us used to cycle home together from school and on our way home we would cross paths with the kids cycling the other direction from the posh Afrikaans school. Invariably we would intersect on the one and only cycle path. These guys would just not budge and we poor English kids (that’s how I saw it at the time) had to go into the thorns. Well one day I was fed-up and as this big Afrikaans guy came past me on the uphill I punched him on the shoulder. I knew he would be too surprised to retaliate, he knew he was in the wrong plus, if he had to turn around I had a head start. Needless to say I pedaled furiously… and forgot this incident until my cycling mate asked me some twenty years after: do you remember when you bopped one of those kids?  It must have worked because we all had the cycle path to ourselves after that…”  ~ Olivia De Vos

Ramona’s note: You can check out Olivia’s own writing here and on the Sawubona page. 



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